Purposeful Waiting


Waiting. I should be a pro at waiting, but I'm totally not. I get anxious, agitated, frustrated and sometimes so excited that I lose rational thought. 

In these weeks of waiting since we were told of one little guy needing a home, my mind and heart have gone from out-of-my-mind excited to the depths of despair thinking about that little guy not coming home to us. 

What I've learned through this process is that there is NOTHING I can do in fretting. It only gives me a tummy ache and exhausts me to no end. So I've spent the last few days trying to find purpose in my waiting. I have felt the need to not waste this time, but instead use it to ready myself for what's to come. 

One of the ways I thought I could move things along was by applying to some product testing for baby items in hopes that if I got picked for them, the items would be here by the time our Little Guy was. I honestly didn't think I'd get chosen, but to my surprise, I was! It was actually for a pretty neat product that is like a new fandangled version of the mesh feeder/teethers that people have been using for their teething babes for years. And while our little one is still not home, I feel like I've had enough experience with babies and items similar to this that I could still give an honest review. I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. 

 3-in-1 Baby Teether/Pacifier/Feeder

3-in-1 Baby Teether/Pacifier/Feeder

Instead of the mesh bag at the end of the teether, it is a silicone pouch with little holes in it. I was nervous about the silicone and how it'd measure up to sharp little baby teeth, so I gave it a go and bit down on one as hard as I could and was pleasantly surprised when the silicone kept its integrity! 

The handles of these teethers are big enough for little ones to get a good grip, but also have little sensory bumps on them to further the sensory experience of using this product. Not only is the baby getting soothed by the food item within the pouch, but the handle tickles their little hands!

I also appreciate the fact that these feeders come with a cap. The mesh feeders that I've used are cap-less, making it not very suitable for portability. With the cap, you can put it on the teether and tote the item around with fruit in it so give the baby at a moment's notice while you're out and about. 

The closure between the feeder and the handle that allows you to open it up and insert food is just strong enough to keep little baby hands from popping it open, but it's not too difficult that an adult can't open it. 

I would say my only disappointment with these feeders is the size of the food pouch. With the mesh feeders, I loved being able to stuff an ice cube in it and let the baby gnaw on it to help soothe teething pain. When I tried doing the same with the silicone pouches, I had to melt the ice cube down significantly to make it fit in the pouch. Little chunks of frozen fruit would still be effective in the pouch, though! I have also been trying to figure out a way to be able to fill the pouch with water and freeze it to make it a solid cube without the water leaking out. I may try wrapping it in cling wrap, fill it with water and try to freeze it. If I do that, I will let you know the outcome!


So, while we are still waiting on this little one, I have still be able to find purpose in the waiting by applying my decades of experience in child care to reviewing items and sharing them with you in hopes that you'll find them useful! 

You can find this amazing feeder/teether/pacifier toy on Amazon by following this link by clicking here where you can check it out on your own!

Blog Header Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash